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BVA Scouting is the brainchild of Gianni Mascagna, three times champion of the Italian championship cup, and Claudio Frosoni, professional software developer and beach volley player. It is conceived as a specialized application for the scouting of beach volleyball. The program allows statistical summary through the innovative technology offered by Apple, and it was designed based on the practical needs collected from world-renowned coaches and athletes.
LITE (basic) PRO (professional) Features

It is designed for enthusiasts who want to prepare beach volleyball tournaments by studying the best tactic based on statistics of previous game. The minimal interface allows a real-time scouting in order to generate statistics even during timeouts. The statistics are numerical and can refer to individual player and team. The statistics are provided by fundamentals (Serving, Passing, Setting etc...) or phases of the game (Side Out, Break Point, etc...), in order to identify the best gambling strategy.

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It is designed for coaches and assistants and provides an effective tool for identifying the best gambling strategy in real time. When it is used for studying games and tactics from videos, it can largely enrich the amount of information about players and their opponents thus preparing and adjusting the best tactic for the next matches.
The key feature distinguishing the PRO and LITE version is the representation of trajectories when serving, passing, hitting and counter-attacking. In the PRO version this information is elaborated into statistics and presented with graphics in order to highlight strengths and weaknesses of these fundamentals.
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Real-time scouting and related statistics, also available during the phases of the game;

Display of Numerical Statistics;

Graphical display (PRO version only) of the trajectories of serving, passing, attacking/hitting and counter-attacking;

Customizing settings and features (more details for the PRO version);

Historical statistics

Historical information about players, matches and tournaments;

Modification and deletion of stored information.

This is the first version of the application. In order to make it even more efficient and intuitive, updates and improvements of this version will be based on the users’ feedback and made available in the next future.

Any comment, question and request of further information are much more than welcome.

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